Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello everyone,

The other day, I was asked by my co-worker as we casually walked outside to grab a bite for lunch if I recalled the story to the movie, "Avatar." To those that have not seen it, please do not read below, as you may spoil the story for yourselves!

I did remember the story pretty vividly, but the first thing that came up were my thoughts on how it related to me. I responded, 'Yeah, I think I do. It reminds me a lot of a the video games these days. I used to play one just like it.' She responds, 'Just try telling me the story as you remember it.'

I gave it my best shot and gave her a summary of how humans needed a new natural resource that an alien race has and controls. Humans sent a group of individuals to assimilate into their society, gain knowledge of how this energy is created, and locate the source to steal it for themselves. Over time, the group sent to study this society realized the faults of their own, thus wanting to escape and become one of them. (There are more prominent themes to the story, but I decided not to explain each character's motive)

My co-worker responded in surprise, explaining that when she thinks back to a movie's story or background, she can hardly remember what happened. She explained that when she watches a movie, she can only remember the emotional feel of the movie and whether it had a good or bad ending. She recalled the movie "Chicago," stating that while it had a good presentation, she cannot recall what the story was about or whether it sought to prove a point or teach a lesson.

She then asked me if it was typical of me to analyze a movie in such great depth. I told her that I thought it was typical of me, but I figured that this was what most people did anyway. To both her and my surprise, I guess this wasn't the case.

Question: Watching a movie and analyzing it can both be good and bad, as it can have a tendency to influence ones thoughts. If a majority of viewers watch mass media in a particular way, how do you think it would affect society as whole?


  1. Everyone's perception of reality is filtered through their attitudes, upbringings, the mass media and experiences. Perhaps the way she looks at things is her subconscious desire of good endings and emotional excitement of good vs bad.
    What i am wondering is why some japanese judge others but at the same time want to be americanized?

    In the u.s. they want you to be tolerant of others and give them the right of free expression.

  2. I think that is the purpose of most media whether it be tv shows, games, manga, etc. It isnt just to tell a story, but to change your views/teach you something. This can be both positive and negative. Its up to each individual to question whether they want to take in a message as their own thought. I think its one thing that draws me to manga as a medium. I love to read something that digs deeper, has me reflect on my own thoughts and lift me to new heights.

    Mass media has been influencing lives most likely since its inception. Look at Hollywood media, its reached almost every corner of earth. So many countries dressing just like Americans. English being taught all over the place. A one world government might be a conspiracy theory but we seem to be going in that direction. I listen to a JFK speech from a year before he was assassinated. He talked about how mass media wont get in your face and tell you how to think but will try to "infiltrate" your mind thru the newspapers and TV by telling you what they want you to hear. The whole purpose of the speech was about media withholding info from the public.
    In conclusion I think we just have to be conscience of what we take in from mass media.
    Damn, jingles from yesteryear have popped into my head.
    "You'll get caught up in the.... crossfire....crossfire...CCCCRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSFIIAAAAAA!! yea! yea!" See what this shit does to our minds lol

  3. I totally agree with both of your statements.

    When I posted my blog, I wanted to question whether being taught lessons from media is helpful or not for our personal advancement.

    While some people readily take in these expressions or messages, others do not have the perception to see the message. The way these types of viewers/readers are influenced are completely different, since they take in the information based on what is seen on the surface.

    Sometimes media teaches good lessons, while at other times it teaches nothing helpful. As a regular television viewer and news reader, we ought to have some control over our own thoughts, rather than allow ourselves to be easily influenced by someone else's opinion. Sometimes these opinions are biased, but as both of you stated above, it is up to us to make the final decision ourselves as the viewers.