Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Japan The Strange Country" (Japanese / 日本語)

I decided to add this video recently, because the content is fairly accurate in terms of what I have been seeing. Although this video provides important and useful insights to those who wish to dig deeper into what the country and society are like, it does not highlight a lot of the positives that Japan has to offer and focuses more on the negatives. Among the things I do disagree on/have opinions about are these points:

  • The height of Japanese people has increased tremendously. Men/women are now as tall as the world average.
  • Japanese are all characterized in this video as having smaller eyes, which is also not true.
  • While the video highlights the amount of trash being dumped in Japan, the country also has one of the most efficient recycling programs I have ever seen.
  • I also found that the explanation of suicide only listed the number, but didn't go into detail as to why that was the case. It would have been nice if he elaborated more on the Japanese (or Asian) mentality.
  • I found the "love" section to not be very informative. I would prefer if he had elaborated more on what "love" is considered to be in Japan.
  • The person who wrote this script is definitely of Japanese descent, but I think he fails to see things from the perspective of a foreigner that is non-asian. If you are asian looking, you may see things a lot more like the script-writer does.

If you are able to acclimate to the differences, Japan is a fairly nice place to live in! Hope you enjoy!

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